In order to make the quality of the hospital along Pine richer and better

Shun Sung Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984 in Taipei, Taiwan, specializing in the production Rachel (RASCHEL) manufacturers of the products, and uphold the "sincere attitude", "improve services", "product diversification" business philosophy Wen given the growth of the company and in 1997 by the National Fire Agency flameproof conformity certification (certificate number A-04-0071), research and development with a variety of flameproof Linen permanent flame retardant, the song has been living in the world today along flameproof fabrics specializing in the production One manufacturer with a full range of mechanical equipment and the production of many types of flameproof fabrics and a variety of mesh.

As does quality control and cooperate with the government efforts, so as to implement the spirit of the roots in Taiwan, the company's products from raw materials to finished products, insist that Taiwan Manufacturing (MIT), and another in the country's justice. Shan Institute of Science Integrated Textile Research Institute, National Fire Agency Other related testing unit flameproof Security Center Foundation made a number of verification proud of, for example:Flameproof test,Extractable Heavy Metal test,index drug charges test,Azo Dyes Test,Free Formaldehyde Content Test,Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus Test,Antifungus Activity Test,Staphylococcus Aureus Test,Klebsiella Pneumoniae Test,Escherichia Coli Test,Color F.Washing Test,UV Test,Light Blocking Effect Of Fabric(%) Test,Colorfastness To Light Test,Breaking Strength Test,PH value Test,Dimensional Change After Laundering(%) Test and other tests

The company philosophy

Companies operating in the warp and woof of the chairman and logistics, operational tentacles expand to more countries in the Southeast Asia and Europe,
Various countries in the Americas, Australia and the Middle East, exports accounted for about 80% of the total production capacity of the company, Cheng belongs to blue-chip export manufacturers.

For domestic operations, the purpose of separating the various sales, does not involve the printing of engineering and facilities for contract tenders, only for quality control and research and development in manufacturing as stringent checks, and then with the successful completion of the domestic contracting industry clear acceptance.

Multiple operations can be tolerant to diversity of mind, penetrating the suggestions is the driving force of growth, upgrade the industry's mission is constant, the future we would like to, can go hand in hand to create the well-being of all the people.